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To find out more about any of these opportunities contact the MAP team


COVID-19 and Peace: ‘Human Rights and Peace Building’ – 16 January 2021 (10 am JST // 1 to 2.30 am GMT)

International Christian University’s Peace Research Institute (Japan) is pleased to announce another symposium series on ‘Peace & COVID-19’ (Day 3) where we are very fortunate to have cutting-edge researchers on peace research and initiatives in Rwanda, Nepal, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The event starts at 10 am sharp. The Zoom room will be open from 9.30 am.

If you are interested in joining us, please register at https://forms.gle/sU9K1YUmZ6yLFA2u6

For speakers, see: http://subsite.icu.ac.jp/pri/en/news/-covid-19-day-3.html

Please contact icupri@icu.ac.jp for any questions.

‘ICTs, social media and peacebuilding’ – 19 January 2021 (5 to 7pm GMT)


Diana Dajer: ‘Cracking the Code of Tech for Peace: International Perspectives of Peacetech’

Paul Reillys: ‘Digital Contention in a Divided Society: Social media, parades and protests in Northern Ireland’ (book launch)

For more info see here: http://www.cfom.org.uk/2021/01/10/19-jan-hcpbs-event-on-icts-social-media-and-peacebuilding/

To register and obtain access to the talk, please send an email to catherine.arthur@manchester.ac.uk

Memory, Art and Transitional Justice in Colombia – 21 January 2021 (7 to 8.30pm GMT)

How are the arts and other aspects of culture contributing to transitional justice processes in Colombia? How might these contributions be strengthened?


Luis C Sotelo, Director, Acts of Listening Lab, Concordia University; Cynthia Cohen, Brandeis University


Freddy A Guerrero and Liza Lopez Aristizabal, ‘Images and Memory: Religiosity and Sacrifice-The Cases of Tierralta, Trujillo, and Arenillo in Colombia.’

Luis Sotelo Castro: ‘Not Being Able to Speak Is Torture: Performing Listening to Painful Narratives.’


Angela Perez, Head of the cultural division at Banco de la Republica and leader of the project ‘La paz se toma la palabra’

Register in advance: www.concordia.ca/allab

There will be simultaneous interpretation into English.

Calls for Papers and Conferences

Communities and Communication: International interdisciplinary conference

It is a pleasure to invite you to Communities and Communication.

The conference is organised by the Department of Media and Performance (formerly Film, Media & Journalism) School of Digital, Technologies and Arts at Staffordshire University and will take place online on 24th April 2021.

The theme of Communities and Communication will be Connections. The community is a concept which is at once decreasing and increasing, as we move away from realworld connections to online ones, we can see that these groups create new environments, connections, discussion and ways of being seen in the digital world. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we want to share the many narratives and voices which these groups are creating, and ask how they create connection, camaraderie, and visibility for those involved. This conference seeks to consider the ways in which these communities start, develop and grow, what is created within those groups and how real connections are built through technology sharing and eventually within the virtual environment of online discussion and dissemination. We welcome contributions from across the sector from traditional print media forms to film and television, and gaming and interactive technology, offering the opportunity to explore both applied and theoretical explorations of this area of communities within the digital world. We aim to publish a selection of these contributions in an edited collection developed as a result of the conference.

Topics of interest

1. Real-world versus digital communities

2. Audio-visual communication practices

3. Interdisciplinary community connections

4. What is the future of communities?

5. Visibility and identity in communities 6. Local vs global communities

7. Sports, digital media and communities

8. Healthcare and community

9. Community inclusion and exclusion

10. Performance

Guidance for authors

The deadline to submit abstracts is 18th December 2020.

The proposals should include: Title, up to 5 keywords, abstract (250 words), author name, affiliation and short bio (50 words).

All proposals should be emailed to Dr Agata Lulkowska (Agata.Lulkowska@staffs.ac.uk), Dr Sharon Coleclough (sharon.coleclough@staffs.ac.uk), or Stephanie Steventon (Stephanie.Steventon@staffs.ac.uk<mailto:Stephanie.Steventon@staffs.ac.uk>).

We encourage Early-Career and PhD students to enter.

All registration is free.

Organising committee:  Dr Agata Lulkowska, Dr Sharon Coleclough and Stephanie Steventon in Collaboration with Thomas Wood and Prof. Piotr Siuda.  For any enquiries, please contact: Agata.Lulkowska@staffs.ac.uk<mailto:Agata.Lulkowska@staffs.ac.uk>


International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR)

‘Theatre Ecologies: Environments, Sustainability, and Politics’

12 Jul 2021 – 16 Jul 2021

Galway, Ireland https://www.iftr.org/conference


Deadline for abstracts: 31 January 2021