Nurlan Asanbekov

  • Institution: Kygryz Republic Puppet Theatre | Sakhna
  • Position: Artistic Director | Director
  • Location: Kyrgyzstan

Honored Worker of Culture the Kyrgys Republic

Artistic Director of  Kyrgyz Republic

Puppet Theatre

named Musa Zhangaziev and

Director the nomadic theatre Sakhna

I graduated from Russian Academy of Theatrical Art (ГИТИС) in 1992 in Moscow I have staged over forty performances in various theatres of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and large number of government events. I put opera, drama and experimental performances in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan countries.

In 2003 he organized a public foundation for culture “SAKHNA” – art nomadic theater. This theatre participated in various festivals in the USA (city of New York), Poland (city of Wroclaw), Russia (Moscow), Kazakhstan (cities of Astana, Almaty, Taraz), Uzbekistan (Tashkent).

The main detail of the theatre “SAHNA” is the display of performances in remote regions of the country and the popularization of small epos of Kyrgyzstan.

Experimental nomadic theatre “Sakhna”, as a basis takes small Kyrgyz eposes, and demonstrates a new direction in theatrical art: combination of archaic and modern forms, ritual – nomadic theatre with meditative ways of expression, when the actors go to trans completely immersing into the process of game