Beyond Tradition

Revitalising the Art of Lenong (a form of Betawi traditional theatre) as a Dialogic Tool for Peace Building.

The ‘Beyond Tradition project is working alongside project partners such as Padepokan Ciliwung Condet (PCC), and together the aim is to create a Learning Model based on indigenous knowledge, involving young people from vocational schools in the Jakarta province in the process.

A fusion and explosion of Indonesian cultural forms, including Lenong, dance, music, martial arts (pencak silat) and rhymes (pantun) will be incorporated into the Learning Model, which the Education Office and the Cultural Office of Jakarta local government are supporting.

Together the project aims to integrate local wisdom into curricula that promotes everyday peacebuilding. 

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Updates and events

Gira Ingoma – One Drum Per Girl

Drumming, dance and creative workshops/festivals, enabling girls to address inequality by exploring their empowerment through non-traditional creative roles.

Visualising Peace

Using film-making and art exhibitions to address the barriers young people face in engaging and influencing community members and policy makers.