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Mobile Arts for Peace has been the focus of media and documentary appearances. MAP’s media appearances aim to promote the young people we work with and showcase the partnerships between MAP and policymakers, cultural artists and Civil Society Organisations. MAP documentaries and media appearances aim to amplify the voice of young people we are working with over the course of the project, as well as the voices of peacebuilding initiatives in Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Indonesia and Nepal.

This page lists all of MAP’s media appearances and documentaries. Check out our Phase One projects in Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Indonesia and Nepal and find out more by scrolling below.


Agents of Change - Virtual Exhibition

Nepal MAP

MAP Scoping Visit to Indonesia

In December 2019, MAP Co-Investigators undertook a four-day scoping visit to Jakarta, Indonesia. This visit aimed to explore how varied arts-based approaches have been and can be used to create dialogue and to explore the synergies between MAP and the aims and objectives of related peacebuilding projects. Read Dr Harla Octarra’s blogpost on the scoping visit for further details. 

The scoping visit was film by Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. The scoping visit included a Betawi community meeting by the river of Ciliwung, East Jakarta as well as cultural workshop with organisations including the Wahid Foundation and Sanggar Anak Akar, a member of Koalisi Seni Indonesia (Indonesian Art Coalition). The visit also featured a symposium with speakers from the UNESCO Youth and Sport Task Force Team.

Kwetu Film Institute Documentaries

In 2018, the Kwetu Film Institute (Kigali, Rwanda) produced a documentary which focused on the Mobile Arts for Peace’ as the Phase 1 Rwandan project for Changing the Story.

Changing the Story aimed to support the building of inclusive civil societies with, and for, young people in 5 post-conflict countries. This pilot project was project was supported by partners Mashirika Creative and Performing ArtsAegis TrustKwetu Film InstituteHope and Homes for Children, and University of Lincoln. The MAP pilot project aimed to provide training for youth, educators and cultural artists; to support the design and delivery of Participatory Arts as a part of the national curriculum; and to collaborate with project team to explore the challenges and successes of the use of Participatory Arts across the sector in Rwanda.

In November 2019, the Kwetu Film Institute also filmed a MAP Training of Trainers workshops with MAP Master Trainers and Youth Trainers. These workshops were part of the Ubwuzu project (2018-19) which aimed to generate policy-level impact through our partnership with the Rwanda Education Board (REB)

The primary goal for the Ubwuzu project was to use the methodology to inform the Curriculum Framework, design a bespoke creative arts curriculum, and provide training for educators and young people in each province. Ubwuzu included a mobile filmmaking workshop, in partnership with Kwetu Film Institute (2019), Training of Trainer workshops (2019), and a policy-informing event addressing Arts-based Research for Education and Peacebuilding’ (2020). 

Changing the Story documentary

The MAP team first started working together in Nepal through the 2018-19 Changing The Story funded project “Examining Interpretations of Civil National Values made by Young People in Post-Conflict Settings (Kenya and Nepal)”.

Changing the Story produced a documentary which focused on how the project empowers children in post-conflict settings to articulate their interpretations and shared communications of civic national values through their creation of a performance arts-based ‘scheme of work’ as a process of transformative learning for supporting local and global Civil Service Organisations (CSOs) in reducing poverty and advancing education for all, as part of the peace-building process.

Cultural Artist Network

Ubwuzu enabled the creation of a Cultural Artist Network and Youth Advisory Board to inform the design, delivery and implementation of MAP.

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