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Past webinars and online events

Online webinar: Thinking through … Informing Curricula
(June 17th 2022)

About this event

The MAP project in Rwanda has worked with over 56 schools and 46 hospitals across the MAP at Home and MAP Network Plus projects. In this webinar, MAP youth trainers, health professionals, education pedagogues, and Co-Investigators explored how the MAP project informed the national curriculum; including the creation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes for the competency-based curriculum to inform the subject of Music, Dance and Drama alongside a CPD for mental health provision and training through the School of Medicine at the University of Rwanda.

Education policy experts were in conversation with presenters and attendees to further explore key questions:
How has the CPD programmes been designed to address existing needs?
What were the challenges and opportunities related to informing the national curriculum?
How can arts-based approaches advance local knowledge and to decolonise knowledge production?

    Panel of speakers:
    Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo, University of Rwanda (UR), Rwanda
    Chaste Uwihoreye,Uyisenga Ni Imanzi (UNM), Rwanda
    Agents of Change Webinar
    (May 24th  2022)

    About this Event

    The ‘Agents of Change’ webinar shared initial research findings based on Phase Two youth-led Small Grant projects delivered from January – May 2022. The youth researchers were trained in the use of arts-based methods and conducted research in their relevant communities.

    In this event, the young people and research teams presented their evidence-based data and arts-based outputs including films, comics, performances, drawings and songs to communicate their findings and to invite policy-makers and relevant organisations to respond. Invited policy-makers and policy influencers also engaged in a two-way form of communication using arts as the primary vehicle.

    Arts-based outputs and policy briefs were shared through presentations and a virtual exhibition (… ). Respondents were in conversation with MAP youth researchers and attendees to further explore key questions:

    – How might policy-makers engage with the issues and problems identified by young people?
    – How can policy-makers use arts-based approaches to communicate their responses? If so, how and through what form?
    – What can policy-makers learn from young people through the arts?

    Online webinar: Thinking through … Bottom-up Policy Making
    (May 10th  2022)

    About this event

    Young People from 16 participating MAP Youth Researcher Clubs in Kyrgyzstan and six MAP Child Clubs in Nepal have used art-based research methods to explore underlying issues and problems that they face and to communicate these issues with local and regional decisionmakers.

    In this webinar, the youth researchers and Co-Investigators from MAP Network Plus will share their initial findings and illustrate how they have charted pathways to influencing policy from the bottom-up using case study examples. Policy influencers will be in conversation with presenters and attendees to further explore key questions:
    – What are the mechanisms or communication pathways for change from the bottom up?
    – How do you engage decision-makers to learn from and listen to young people?
    – How can young people best communicate with and to policy-makers?
    – How can decision-makers/policy-makers make use of the evidence and findings generated by young people in the decision-making process?

    Respondent(s): The Open Innovation Team is a cross-government unit that works with academics to help officials generate analysis and ideas for priority projects. It also provides a range of policy impact training to select universities. The response will look at the strategies being used in the MAP project to inform local-level policy and decision-making processes and offer advice on how to influence policy.