Rakhmankulov Bakhram


  • MAP Role: MAP Project Coordinator for the Batken branch of Foundation for Tolerance International (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Institution: Foundation for Tolerance International
  • Location: Kyrgyzstan

 Rakhmankulov Bakhram has over 8 years of experience in peacebuilding, transformation and conflict prevention, working with youth issues, developing, monitoring and evaluating projects and programs. In the course of his professional activity, for more than 4 years, he facilitated the development and implementation of youth initiatives aimed at expanding cooperation, active civic participation and involvement of youth in the decision-making process in the communities of Batken region, Kyrgyzstan. Since 2014, he has been a volunteer for the international organization Generations for Peace. He is a co-founder of the Public Association “Peace Initiatives”, which has been actively working on the problems of youth and peacebuilding in Kyrgyzstan since 2010.